July 21, 2019

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About Us

ChineseLawFirms.org, part of the And Justice For All international law firm publishing network, is a resource of law firms and legal articles. The purpose of this website is to benefit individuals and businesses in China or planning to do business in China that are seeking information about the law or the help of an attorney.  We publish informative articles by attorneys practicing in China and connecting individuals and businesses with qualified Chinese law firms.

We allow a maximum of five law firms for each practice are to be listed on ChineseLawFirms.org. Each of the firms listed here is permitted to post a profile detailing the background, experience, and strengths of the firm, so that consumers and businesses that may be interested in retaining your firm can learn more and get in touch with you.

And Justice For All is an international law firm publishing network and has created this attorney publishing resource as part of its global network of legal websites. In keeping with the charitable motivations on which And Justice For All was founded, we donate 10% of all of our profits to charitable causes benefiting humans and animals and wildlife, as well as organizations committed to protecting the environment.